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Kyren Web to become Lairs [Jan. 16th, 2003|01:59 pm]


Following the announcement that Kyren Web is to be reduced to a single domain it has been decided to rename the website Lairs and dispense with the title Kyren Web. Therefore, as soon as the new design is released, this community will be used to add updates, suggestions or comments for Lairs.

The new design has been progressing steadily and the format is now decided upon although the addition of content will take longer to implement. The new design (possibly without some of the new content) should be released by the beginning of February, if not before.

Continuation of the neighbourhoods onto the new combined website is happening although only six from Web Heaven and six from HellBound have been chosen. Provision of redirects will be still be suspended until the new website is in place. There will be a form included to allow redirects to be requested directly.

Some of the old facilities which were still under development have been removed in favour of concentrating on developing specific facilities including the HTML Guide, Photo Gallery and a section on the Internet.

Any suggestions or comments will be gratefully received and my thanks go to mcurtains for his review of the site recently which helped to clarify some design issues.