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Major Changes to Kyren Web [Dec. 19th, 2002|04:30 pm]


It's been a very busy year with work and College commitments so it has been decided to change the format of Kyren Web to reduce the workload required to maintain the website. This falls in line with financial difficulties allowing streamlining of the services available.

With this in mind both web-heaven.co.uk and hellbound.co.uk will be discontinued. The services offered within each of these websites will be transferred to lairs.co.uk although the website will be a single section rather than 3 areas as it is currently. This will allowed more concentrated development on the website including enhanced content and avoid duplication.

Continuation of the neighbourhoods onto the new combined website is yet to be decided and provision of redirects will be suspended until the new website is in place. Once a decision has been made on the content of the new website details will be posted here. Any suggestions or comments will be gratefully received.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused but this is a necessary step which should be implemented early in the new year.