December 10th, 2001

Relaxed 2007
  • kyren

Kyren Web Changes Internet Service Provider...

After much consideration I decided to change the ISP I was using to host the website to XCalibre and it's thanks to them that there was very little loss of service over that period. There should be less outages but let me know if you spot any problems.

I have loads of ideas for new sections on the website (merely a lack of time if I sleep as well) and am hoping to get a lot more realised during the new year. Currently I am validating the code to allow consistency throughout the browsers (as much as is possible). I test the website with Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6.0, Netscape 4.75, Opera 5.1 & the latest download of Mozilla. If you use a different browser and notice a problem please let me know.

The redirect service is up and running currently although I have yet to complete the admin section to allow change requests. Therefore to request a web or email redirect on any of the three domains (, & please send an email to admin@DOMAIN (where DOMAIN is one of the domains) and I will set up the redirect accordingly.

Enjoy the website & I will update again soon.