Kyren (kyren) wrote in kyrenweb,

Website Link Checker

As part of the continual improvement of Kyren Web I have entered into a free trial to check all the links in the website & the rating in the search engines. By removing broken links I hope to alleviate some of the frustration associated with browsing the site which has been reported to me on various occasions.

Kyren Web has an archive section which is linked into the design section showing how the website has evolved over time. This section has a lot of links to external websites which, over time, tend to disappear and it is a mammoth undertaking to remove all the broken links. I have decided to remove the majority of the external links from the history section which should reduce the scale of the problem.

Validation of the pages is still underway and I would appreciate any feedback if the website does not operate as you feel it should.

I will try to update again soon.

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