Kyren (kyren) wrote in kyrenweb,

Happy New Year!

My apologies for not updating this community sooner with updates on the progress of the website but hopefully, now that Christmas is over with, I should have more time. Thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately most of all the changes I have been making are still being tested at home on my PC but I hope to release them soon. One addition that is partially visible is the Stats4All logo on the Kyren Web pages. The logo is a small ball in the top right hand corner next to the search link. If you click on the logo it will allow you to see the hits to the website since I added the logo. It's quite comprehensive and there is an overview for quick viewing.

The poll I created on Smartgroups is now closed and the results indicate that a monthly newsletter would be the best option. Hopefully I should be able to get this organised soon and will put a link into the current newsletter within this journal.

I will keep updating this journal with more current information between the newsletters to avoid filling up your mailboxes with junk.


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